• Tax advice
  • Corporate advice
  • Business consultancy
  • Tax litigation
  • Accountancy
  • Technical consultant
  • Auditor in private and public companies

Our company is specialized in assistance and advice on tax, civil law, corporate law, labor law and tax litigations:

Fiscal consultant on direct and indirect taxes; budgets and tax compliance; preparing statements Unico, 730, IRAP, 770, studies of the sector, VAT data communication, spesometro, Isee and Red; Community trade obligations; VAT obligations including the administration of reimbursements; tax benefits and related practices.

Corporate advice on starting a company; statutory changes; administration of companies; extraordinary operations aimed at corporate reorganization; generational transfers and family agreements.

Business Consultancy and directional economic and financial planning; budget analysis; management control; planning and economic, financial and legal for the acquisition of companies and for the signing of trade agreements and due diligence.

Tax litigation assistance, representation and advice with financial authorities; assistance and representation in tax litigations at the Fiscal Commission.

Accounting Consultancy in ordinary and simplified methods; VAT records and registrations: preparation and endorsement; declaration and VAT refunds; certification fees; compiling and sending Models F24 for tax payments.

Dr. Simone Bottero also performs the following activities:

Technical consultant, membership n. 11545 of the Court in Milan, in accounting, taxation, extraordinary transactions and valuation of companies.

Statutory auditor and auditor at private and public companies, a member of the appropriate national register of auditors n. 136903 and included on the List of Auditors of Local Authorities in accordance with Article 16, paragraph 25, of the DL n. 138/2011 for the Lombardia Region.

A freelance journalist, writing in the appropriate register, with monthly publications of primary professional magazines.